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Dental Implants

Dental Implants are the most natural and predictable choice for replacing missing teeth. They are ideal replacement for one or more missing teeth that are often used in place of a fixed bridge. Traditionally, several missing teeth would be replaced with a bridge, partial or full denture. Dentures may cause discomfort, and do not stimulate the jaw bone as regular teeth do. Without stimulation, the jawbone degrades, causing a “caved-in” appearance that is often associated with age.

Dental implants are titanium post that require enough quantity and quality of alveolar bone where the implant will be placed. These titanium structures are surgically installed in the jaw bone, taking the place of the roots of your lost teeth. These posts stimulate the jawbone and strongly secure your teeth in the same way your natural tooth roots would. The surfaces of the posts are provided with one or more treatments, prior to placement in the jaw, that helps them to integrate into the bone which is called “Osseo integration”.

A crown is fitted onto the top of the titanium post that looks and feels like a natural tooth. Crowns are made in dental laboratories by trained technicians, and are custom-designed to fit the natural shape and color of your teeth. You are able to better regain your appearance than with full dentures that are at times overly white or artificial-seeming. The success of dental implants go from 93% to 98%. This rate of success based on scientific information is compromised by some high risk factors such as Diabetes, heavy smokers and defective immune systems.