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Gold has been in use in dentistry since the time of the ancient Egyptians, and even today remains undisputed as the most long-lasting material for dental restorations. Esthetic dentistry has become a

major focus in recent years, and it is difficult to know if this interest is generated by patients or by the dentist. In any case, the quality of esthetic treatment is a major consideration in restorative treatment today. Hopefully, white is not the only consideration. Until recently, gold was considered to be the esthetic restorative for posterior teeth, as it does not discolor the teeth and the color gold was considered less objectionable than other materials. As we have become more aware of esthetics in dentistry, we also have developed new techniques, even with gold, which do not destroy the beauty of a smile. For example, with the conception of the invisible onlay, no longer does the buccal cusp of a maxillary premolar need to be “shoed” with a mm or more gold. There is renewed emphasis on intracoronal gold restorations, which can be placed by showing no metal or, in some cases, very little metal, by the proper design of cavity preparations. We also show proper consideration of a badly destroyed tooth by placing tooth-colored crowns, rather than display so much metal. As new materials and concepts evolve, dentists have learned to perform very esthetic dentistry by using gold as a restorative.

As mentioned, I would hope that other considerations, such as longevity of the restoration, would be considered, along with proper contour, proper contacts and maintenance of the occlusion. No material satisfies these requirements as well as gold. Of all the attributes gold has to offer, the most valued is the longevity of gold restorations. 

ADVANTAGES Gold Castings Will Not Break or Fracture Gold Will Not Exhibit Marginal Wear of the Material Itself Gold Has a Coefficient of Expansion Similar to Tooth Structure Gold Supports and Protects the Enamel Margins of the Tooth Gold Can Provide Precise, Stable Anatomical Form Gold Restorations Can Be Finished to a Very Smooth Surface Gold Does Not Flow or Change Shape Gold Does Not Absorb Oral Fluids Gold Does Not Oxidize in the Mouth Gold Allows for Easier Formation of Proximal Contacts Gold Is Esthetic Gold Restorations Have Excellent Longevity

Dr. Bonilla has been a member of The Academy of Richard V. Tucker  Study Clubs since 2008 and he is dedicated in offering the best gold restorations  in restorative dentistry. The Academy of R. V. Tucker Study Clubs is a well known  international gold study group of dentists who are committed to excellence in the placement of conservative cast gold restorations.  For more information, please go to visit this web site:

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